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Jim Mack & Keith Jaffee,
Jemrose Partners

Jim and Keith, while coming from different business backgrounds, both share a passion for wine and the joys of sharing in its experience.

Jim began his interest in wine at college where he credits cutting an Accounting class and attending a preview tasting at a prestigious wine auction as the start of his journey in wine. After a successful career in advertising and marketing, Jim purchased Jemrose Vineyards in 2002 with the goal of producing a vineyard capable of making world class wines. After four years of selling grapes to some of the top winemakers in Sonoma he decided to start making wines under the Jemrose label using the grapes from the estate with the first vintage being 2006.

Keith was a late bloomer in relation to his interest and enjoyment of wine. He started collecting and drinking wine in the late nineties but like most things Keith gets involved with he was a quick study. While spending his career building a number of successful consumer products companies, Keith would also attend numerous wine tastings, auctions and industry events. Because of his knowledge of wine and the industry, Keith was asked by a number of restaurants for help in developing their wine lists. His restaurants have been recipients of the prestigious Wine Spectator Best of Award of Excellence.

In 2009 Jim and Keith teamed up on the Jemrose wine label with the goal of creating wines that were not only the best of their class but reflected the unique expression of Jemrose Vineyards and the Bennett Valley.

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