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Michael Browne, Winemaker

Michael’s passion for wine started in the restaurant business where he worked for 15 years before following his dream of becoming a winemaker. The majority of this time was spent at John Ash & Co. a highly regarded restaurant in Santa Rosa, California. He worked at various positions before becoming a sommelier exposing him to some of the finest wines from around the world.

With money collected from tips, he pooled his money with fellow staff member and friend, Dan Kosta, to start the Kosta Browne winery in Sonoma County. In the early years of this new venture Michael started working with Deerfield Ranch Winery as Assistant Winemaker and later Co-Winemaker. He credits this experience with providing him with the foundation needed to make fine wines and manage a winery operation. As the wines of Kosta Browne started to achieve recognition throughout the country and business began to expand Michael devoted his full time to making wines for his own venture. Today Kosta Browne Pinot Noir is recognized as some of the finest in the country.

Always looking to take on new challenges and expand his wine knowledge, Michael agreed to take on the winemaking for Jemrose starting with our first vintage in 2006. Michael has taken his passion for wine, commitment to quality and talent in winemaking and provided Jemrose with the opportunity to help reach our goal of producing world class wines reflecting the unique characteristics of our vineyards and Bennett Valley AVA.

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