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It is widely regarded that wines of distinction are a result of capturing the essence of the ”terroir.” Terroir is a French term that credits the soil, topography and climate for the unique and special qualities that are part of a wines character. While these factors all play into a wines quality and distinctiveness, too often overlooked in this concept are the people who are involved in the vineyard and winemaking.

A wines “sense of place” cannot come to life without the commitment and talent of every person involved. At Jemrose we have been fortunate to have people on our team who are not only extremely talented but understand the importance of what it takes to make a special wine that is reflective of our unique vineyard sites.

Jim Mack & Keith Jaffee
Jemrose Partners

Michael Browne

Shane Finley
Associate Winemaker

Greg Bjornstad

Chris Bowland
Vineyard Management

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